Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reminder: italicize changes in final draft

33% of your sentences and/or paragraphs in your final draft must be "new" or revised (revised sentences mean more than a few words changed: the subject of the sentence should change, or the verb, in addition to the sentence itself.

Italicized sentences look like this. Be sure new sentences and revised sentences appear like this in your final draft. Also be sure to include a previous draft.

If more than 50% of your final research draft is new, don't worry about italicizing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blogging the lab

Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative reasoning is the use of numerical measurements and data to advance, support, defend, or contest claims. This blog is really just trying to see how you interpret data, and how you can use it to make points of your own. In that way, be sure to use the data to support the points you're making in your blog.

Your Blog Comments

The comments you left from the other class were terrific. I thought your peer critique voices have matured greatly; those comments were effective, respectful, and concise. I'm very proud of the writers you've become over the course of this semester.

If You're Interested


Twitter Time: Out of class assignment

First, sign into your Twitter ID using your normal web browser (Firefox, etc).

Next, follow these simple instructions:

1. Google "African American infant mortality." Find the latest statistics. Tweet them. Then, in a following Tweet, Tweet what you think that information *means.*

2. Using a search engine and search terms, figure out how much money the Federal government spent on education for the most recent year data is available. Be sure to find accurate information. Tweet the results, and then Tweet what it means.

This assignment should take about 10-15 minutes.

REMINDER: Complete survey!!  

Course Code: 2651

Submitting Blog Contents for Anonymous Review

We will try and complete this task together in lab next Tuesday the 29th. If you have not written your blog at that point, you can do this yourself. 

First, copy your blog into Microsoft Word and save it to your desktop. Read it over once again for surface errors and for whether or not it makes sense.

Then follow the instructions here.

Final Blog Post

Assignment Goal: This blog asks students to accomplish two things: 1) to use date to assert a point and interpret information, and 2) to draft a possible conclusion or paragraph for their ENG 103 research essay.

Assignment Description: In Martin Luther King's Chaos or Community (1967), King offers some data to make several points about civil rights. When the Constitution was written, he repeats, "the Negro was only 60 percent of a person" (6). King goes on to state that the rate of infant mortality among African-Americans is double that of whites, that twice as many African-Americans fought in Vietnam (and that twice as many died), that black elementary schools lagged three years behind white schools, and that 1/20 as many African-Americans attended college as white Americans. King reports that 50% of white Americans would not want a "Negro as a neighbor."

Remember: you will need to "frame" all this information for your reader, in addition to using templates that help them understand what you already know. 

Your blog will do relate two things to your readers:

First, summarize the information presented here and interpret it. What does this data suggest?

Second, return to the NYTimes article we read in class and which you received as a hand-out: "Whites Account for Under Half of Births in U.S." Cite what you believe is the most important data from this article, and compare and contrast it with the information King cites in Chaos and Community.

As you write, consider and reflect on these questions:

What's changed since 1967, and how do we know?
What hasn't changed since 1967, and how do we know?

Students should feel free to find more data to support their claims.

Also, consider using this piece of writing to help close your essay(s).

Monday, May 21, 2012

Grading Grid Final Research Essay

ENG 101 Assignment One

Evaluate the essays in your peer review groups by responding thoughtfully to each of the following criteria. Focus on the criteria you feel students should most address in their drafts.  

Responses must be specific in order to count. 

Attach written suggestions from your peers to your final drafts for full peer review credit.

1. Thesis: Contains a central assertion that places a central idea at the forefront of the essay that can tie together the ideas of black power, civil rights, and violence/non-violence (20%)

2. Structure: Essay organized around topic sentences; each paragraph provides 'they say' context; essay explains direct quotations (20%)

3. Evidence: Essay successfully places direct quotes into each body paragraph; essay cites those quotes correctly according to MLA guidelines; essay contains a bibliography; essay incorporates requirements for the research essay: framing in particular (30%)

4. Critical Thinking: Essay interprets quotes in original ways that go beyond class discussion; essay connects main ideas to other texts or moments in text; essay utilizes keywords and defines them (20%)

5. Polish (10%): Essay integrates material well; essay shows signs of revision; essay demonstrates skillful writing voice; essay mixes professional and casual voice effectively; essay doesn't feel cut and pasted; grammatical errors don't detract from overall meaning